Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sadly they called a plumber who has been, sorted it and gone again. No.1 son pointed out the lack of hot water from the shower this morning hence the need for the man from Dynarod. It didn't help that I had over imbibed of the Scottish national drink ( not Irn Bru! ) last night and I was in a rather delicate state today. I also received the paperwork and written offer of the job which I will tackle tomorrow when the written word will make more sense to me.As regards 'Sand watch'... Nope, still no sign of the town being engulfed by Saharan sand or any plagues of locusts. I did see a car with Romanian number plates but there was no sign of 29 million occupants so we can rest easy. Mind you, we are apparently subject to a plague of obese rats. Funnily enough, whilst walking the pooch she did sniff out the corpse of an extremely large rat near the river. Rats have competition here with the seagulls for the discarded takeaways. I'm surprised a govt. minister hasn't suggested the food banks could stock local fresh delicacies such as seagull, rat and pigeon. That would give a new meaning to recycling as well as providing jobs for urban hunters. Sadly, any such satire could end up being taken seriously and we'll have the jobs being advertised at the local job centres. Delia could provide the recipes...
I was going to blog about the latest thieving scumbag but I have lost the will to discuss these crooks, liars and mountebanks. I believe the Romanians provided an answer to dealing with bad politicians so if enough of them come over they could give us a few pointers.



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