Saturday, April 12, 2014

A quiet week dealing with paperwork for the job and lots of walking, although I may have overdone the trek around town yesterday. Hence today is spent sat at the laptop, drinking copious amounts of tea and attempting to get rid of a nasty headache. Apart from a wander around the docks, various back streets and of Freemo, I had a catch up with the £6 million revamp of the Riverhead. It's certainly getting there and despite my initial reservations it does look pretty good. 

            (Picture courtesy of the Grimsby Telegraph Newspaper).

There is so much potential along the riverside and the Alexandra Dock, for new houses, a park and using the dock for watersports / recreation. But the land sits empty and abandoned, the docks generally unused apart from kayaking once a week. The walk itself was delightful with sunshine and I made the best of the good weather although after two hours of walking I had perhaps overdone it. What I do like is seeing the old forgotten streets, houses and other evidence of Grimsby's past. Next time I will bring my camera with me.
More tea is required and I will finally have to resort to some paracetamol to rid myself of the headache.


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