Monday, April 14, 2014

After a few weeks without whisky I decided to buy a bottle in and I opted for Asda's Single Islay Malt Whisky. I like Islay whiskies and this was £20.50 per bottle so I thought I would take a chance as the last one I had was very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it is a Laphroaig, albeit possibly younger than the usual ones as it was peaty with that smoky iodine taste and scent but, also a more noticeable sweetness to it than is typical. Absolutely bloody gorgeous! This should last a few weeks as an occasional evening tipple whilst sitting in the garden and watching the sun go down. Just a tiny splash of water and then slowly savour.... You can really taste the sea. Lovely!

Today was one of those oddly unsettled days where I had little energy and even less motivation to do anything. I pottered around the garden and chatted with my neighbour followed by shopping with Mrs C. She needed some new clothes and after much encouragement I eventually persuaded her to buy some new tops. She doesn't like shopping for clothes and I often joke that she is looking for new clothes at 1990 prices! She prefers tee shirts and jeans which happily gels with me because I dislike fashion and fussy clothing. I'd live, work and play in jeans and old shirts given half the chance and ' although I was once the picture of sartorial elegance (In your dreams!), I haven't dressed up for many years now apart from the obligatory weddings, funerals and job interviews. I am with the late lamented Professor Mick Aston with regards to clothing: comfy and necessary to the task in hand. Asda itself was like a kindergarten with screaming, running, singing , shouting and generally excited toddlers driving their parents to the alcohol aisles. I didn't mind for once and I enjoyed the rendition of an unidentifiable song that a little moppet sang at full belt as she careened around the store. I've been there and done that...

"Dad. Dad! Why's that lady like that?"
"Like what son?"
"She's a big lady... she's got a big bum".

Cue one very red faced and angry lady and one very red faced father moving in opposite directions. Phil had very long, curly blonde hair which attracted middle aged Chinese women like misers to gold. One woman told us that ruffling his hair brought them good luck but it drove him mad. He still has very curly blonde hair, showing his Danish / Viking roots. But I digress... after working 80 + hours per week over the last four weeks including a fourteen day stretch without days off he told his boss he was finishing early today. He was able to return home this afternoon and enjoy the daylight, let alone the sunshine. He has come a long way over the last few years and as I have stated before, I am immensely proud of him. It is time for another wee nip and back to my book.


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