Saturday, December 28, 2013

People have asked me over the past decade why I no longer support the Labour party and sometimes a news story breaks that provides one of numerous answers.

Fair enough, there are not enough train drivers but to blame a popular children's programme and show a woeful knowledge of the real world has earned this incompetent a gold star. I looked up her history on-line and Hey Presto! Another M.P. who has never held down a real job in the real world. There are far too many of these two dimensional clueless nincompoops in parliament and they are in all parties. A political class so far removed from the everyday reality of the people they pretend to represent that we would do better voting in Springer Spaniels to do the job. The latter are at least cheap, always friendly and could not do as much damage as the current crop of incompetents, thieves and liars. After all, why bother to tackle the real issues of unemployment, lack of industries, immigration, housing, wars ( Thanks to Labour's desire to bomb foreigners ) health and welfare when children's programmes are totally to blame for all of society's ills.

The Wombles are making a comeback but I must now assume Uncle Bulgaria will be absent whilst new inner city wombles with appropriate accents, skin colour, sexuality and clothing will be added so as to avoid upsetting anybody. But a gay womble or a womble in a burka will upset someone amongst the watching public. Let's get it all in perspective... these are children's programmes. Trains do not talk, what an earth is a womble, Sooty and Sweep are puppets as are most boy bands. These idiots will not be happy until the media reflects inner city London and the metropolitan elites version of a 'perfect life'. Perhaps it is time to find a quiet spot somewhere I can avoid these fucking idiots...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

The Wombles are making a comeback

Great news!

At least when the 'Tory rich boys' are running the country (according to The Media) we have people who know how to manage their own money in charge of the country's.

7:29 am  

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