Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twenty fourth day of Advent and the eve of Christ's mass... Happy Modraniht and Happy Yuletide!

A brief foray to Sainsbugs for more mince pies and milk as well as buying some of the delicious Somerset Goats cheese as recommended by Blue Witch ( Thank you BW ). An excellent breakfast of rolls, cheese and olives after I had walked the pooch. Thankfully, the wind had died down and it wasn't raining although at midnight when I had let the pooch out for a call of nature it was very wild. All sorts of clattering and banging with the rain bucketing down. Speaking of buckets I was again accosted by charity collectors at the supermarket, this time for the sea cadets. I'm surprised the righteous puritans did not descend upon me as the small girl in the cadet uniform loaded two bottles of cider into my bag! According to their beliefs she will be an alcoholic by April after that brief exposure to the evil drink. That's it now, hatches to be battened down, everything we require has been bought and we can put our feet up. No. 1 son has volunteered to work on Boxing day ( double bubble! ) so his only day off will be Christmas day itself. I shall send out Christmas email greetings to various friends but otherwise I intend to listen to the radio and relax. I hope you are all prepared and I wish you all a Merry and peaceful Christmas!



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Happy Festivities to you all!

I won't suggest that the Goat is nice cooked in the oven, and then dribbled with honey. No, I won't set you off on that fat-fuelled path ;)

9:36 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Ooh! That sound delicious...

9:45 am  

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