Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day seventeen of Advent...

The weather forecast for Christmas suggests cold winds and rain so normal service resumed.
I popped into Aldi yesterday to buy some stollen, Christmas puds and biscuits for the festivities. I spent some time dithering over a 24 year old malt whisky they had on sale for £35 and the Jefferson's small batch Bourbon at £30. I decided to give them a miss this time although I may well change my mind and pay a further flying visit. We are organised for the festivities with a meat pack paid for and ready for collection next week. A brief visit to the local market for vegetables and our Sainsbugs points will be used to buy the rest of the necessaries. January will be an alcohol free month for me as well as my return to the slimming club. I am a devil for bread and cheese hence it will be a much needed return to slimming world.
I am away to minister to Mrs C's needs...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Aldi never ceases to amaze me.

Fresh cranberries for 99p. Superb.

If you like nice red wine, the Bushland Shiraz for £4.99 is a bargain. Sold in other supermarkets under a different label at double the price. I know the supplier...

Open it an hour before you drink it for maximum enjoyment.

I love that my code is 'bWhersy 17' for this comment :)

9:38 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

That comment code was made for you!

I was astonished by the fruit and veg choice in Aldi as well as the wine choice. I don't drink wine generally and Mrs C prefers white wine; Chardonnay is her usual choice.

11:40 am  

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