Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13 of Advent and it is also "Friday the Thirteenth!"

Even after all this time that one clip still makes me laugh.

The gas boiler had its annual service today and all went smoothly. Having had a major part replaced during the summer I did not expect any surprises although the engineer stated the boiler is now fourteen years old. "You'll be pestered to replace it after next year... the average life's about fifteen years". After further discussion regarding availability of parts, etc... I suggested that I'll consider my options next year. A quick trawl of the internet about the lifespan of gas boilers made for interesting reading. All new boilers have to be of the condensing type, the type that froze up and stopped working during the harsh winter we had three years ago. I found one website where the chap explains the various pros and cons as well the reasons for the expense entailed in buying a new boiler if one is required. Again, I will give this some thought next year as currently I do have the money to replace the boiler but if this one lasts a few more years, I would rather save the money.
Via Mary Beard on twitter I completed this Latin quiz and I scored 75%. Not bad going for someone who has never formally studied Latin. I enjoy reading, history and I am forever curious about language, how it develops and the origins of words and phrases. I had considered studying Latin via the Open University but the costs have gone up. Harold Wilson's government enabled the creation of the OU so that ordinary people could access affordable education beyond school. Sadly, the likes of Blair and his heirs in this present government has destroyed yet another precious jewel. I am not going off on a rant so I'll leave that there... Bastards! I must away to perform my next exciting task in the thrills and spills life I lead. I'm off to buy a shopping trolley. Easier to carry shopping in as Mrs C and I get older whilst leaving the car at home. It sounds green and sensible to me.


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