Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The eleventh day of Advent...

Another early start with my waking up at 4 a.m. and despite my best efforts I could not sleep. Up and at 'em, dog walked and we met Mrs C. and walked her back from her place of work. She has reported concerns about local homeless people who have been hassling those going to work. The majority are fine and are no problem at all apart from "a couple of  weird looking ones who try to intimidate the women for money and cigarettes". The police have stepped up their patrols after various complaints from members of the public. Tuesday night is student night in Grimsby and Mrs C regales me with tales of the various drunken antics she observes early on Wednesday mornings. These usually involve vomiting and falling over plus signs and traffic cones in inappropriate places. Twas ever thus...

There is good news regarding No. 1 son: he applied for another job with his current firm and he successfully passed the interview. No increase in pay but he will be working in the cold store stocktaking and auditing with the new computer system the company has bought in. He will commence training on the new system next January. We discussed it and he agreed with the analogy that he has completed his time in the trenches and is moving up to bigger and better things. He is also happy with the opportunity to stop smelling of fish when he finishes a shift at work! 

Today I have also finally transferred music and pictures from my old PC to the external hard drive. It had been sitting in a drawer for the past six months and I read the instructions this time round. It worked and music playing as I type ( Jethro Tull ) this entry. This was despite the demands of the cat Louis who sat on the key board and demanded I attend to his immediate need for fussing. LE rescued him when he was an very young abandoned kitten. He was covered in fleas, mites and as she soon discovered he had various health problems. He has a particular dry food because of his urinary tract and kidney problems. Since he moved in with us he has thrived. He was 'Fat Louis' (Louie) when he arrived and he remains so despite my attempts to put him on a diet and the other buggers nicking his food.

As you can see from the above photo he has made himself very much at home.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yes, he does look amazingly like our two!

11:55 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

He has started to push his weight around with the ladies although only to play so far.
It's also like a game of chess as each cat manoeuvres for a particular favoured spot. I have found the same spot occupied by different cats throughout the day!

6:03 pm  

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