Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tenth day of Advent....

Far from feeling wintry or even Christmassy the sun has been shining and the weather mild. I spent time out visiting a friend who is off sick from work and she has been in various wars of late. It was good to drink tea, catch up on gossip and news as well as put the world to rights. Driving out and about the 'Stupid' was strong, with a couple strolling out slowly in front of me as I drove towards them at 30 mph. A screech of brakes and much Anglo-Saxon vernacular expressed although they could not see any concern for my reaction. Ten minutes later a driver made an immediate U-turn and he appeared perplexed when I and other drivers shouted at him. It must be the excitement of the season... A quiet afternoon spent cooking and then reading restored the balance. Time for another cuppa...



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