Monday, December 09, 2013

Day nine of Advent and another wintry scene...

Trawling through the internet and various news items and this caught my eye. My immediate thought was "Good grief" followed by thoughts of boycotting any supermarket applying such draconian measures. Mrs C. believes the 'belly rubbers' as she calls the social police are becoming more intrusive and interfering with people trying to get on with their daily lives. As muggings, robbery, rape, murder and physical assaults continue the government and various agencies concentrate their focus upon smoking, alcohol,  tasteless bigoted non - PC comments and generally attacking the law abiding population. We have rapidly moved to political police who attempt to police the thoughts of the populace. Any non - PC thoughts expressed via social or other media engages the easily outraged who demand the perpetrator is arrested and the police happily oblige. Hence Christians are vilified for expressing their beliefs, children can have their cards marked as racist by a head teacher because their parents refused to allow them to attend a Muslim awareness day; etc... Sadly, I do believe it will only get worse as common sense and live and let live sensibilities are eroded for the state sponsored diktats as to what is acceptable language and behaviour.

“Human rights' are a fine thing, but how can we make ourselves sure that our rights do not expand at the expense of the rights of others. A society with unlimited rights is incapable of standing to adversity. If we do not wish to be ruled by a coercive authority, then each of us must rein himself in...A stable society is achieved not by balancing opposing forces but by conscious self-limitation: by the principle that we are always duty-bound to defer to the sense of moral justice.” 
― Aleksandr SolzhenitsynRebuilding Russia: Reflections and Tentative Proposals

I believe we should be aware of the impact of our behaviour and speech upon others. The death of Nelson Mandela has brought the usual racists, idiots of all political persuasions and political opportunists to the fore. I follow some people on twitter to whom Mandela represents all that they hate. Hence they harp on about his terrorist activities and heap opprobrium upon his name. Others whom I follow have elevated him to a secular sainthood and are waiting in expectation of his rising upon the third day. I can listen to both sides, make my own mind up about Mandela and I can choose to ignore or refute the racist comments and the sanctified wibblings. Mandela was a great leader and he chose a path to fight against the evil apartheid system. To fight evil by doing evil things is, I hope, a path I never have to walk. Many had to do it during apartheid, many had to do it during the war against nazi Germany. To counter the hateful statements of others on social media, humour, laughter, truth and exposing their ridiculous lies should be enough. I worry that in arresting these people, by clamping down on free speech, we are in effect becoming that which we state we are fighting against. I find groups such as the EDL and UAF equally obnoxious, both dehumanising those whom they hate and using violence to achieve their ends. Whether that be physical violence or verbal threats and abuse. This applies to extremist religious groups which are sadly proliferating, particularly the Islamist groups who are only too keen to use the tolerance of others in order to further their own twisted intolerance. We do indeed live in interesting times...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

It seems to me that the indigenous population get arrested and the immigrants can say whatever they like about us and get away with it.

For instance - round here there are many cards in windows of shops written in Eastern European languages, some of which are for accommodation or jobs saying eg 'Polish only', which is blindly ignored, whereas if I wrote one offering a room or job saying 'English only' the police would soon be knocking on my door.

I can see a huge backlash coming.

I'm glad that I don't use social media - I couldn't be doing with all the hot air.

9:55 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sadly very true.

Social media... there are days when I will ignore twitter and keep my blood pressure down. Huge volume of nonsense & idiocy expressed. Fb I use for family now in the main.

9:34 am  

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