Friday, December 20, 2013

Twentieth day of Advent...

This contrasts very well with yesterdays offering.

An early start today as I realised the cats had run out of food* and I had to hie to the local supermercado. It was full of people who are already panic buying for Christmas. I swiftly picked up the necessaries, paid and left the mayhem behind me. Two full trolleys is just utter madness! We will be doing our Christmas shop next Monday although as per previous years we buy only enough for the meal itself and boxing day. The beasties will enjoy any scraps and we will have a quiet family day.

The local press over the past week has run stories of various traffic accidents (a lot!), house fires (several), the police campaign against shoplifters and drink / drive stories. I'm waiting for my bingo card to call house when the same news story features a drunk shoplifter who crashes a stolen car into a house and sets it on fire. That'll be a cross in every box although if he knocks down a wind turbine during the inevitable police chase whilst being caught speeding on speed cameras that will tick the box for the other long running local news stories.

* The two elderly ladies can no longer eat dry food apart from Louis who has his special urinary help food. It is cheaper buying that for him compared with the vet bills if he becomes unwell.


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