Thursday, December 26, 2013

That's Christmas done and nearly dusted. I drank a variety of port, whisky and beer yesterday  but by 10 pm I was on tea whilst reading my kindle. Rubbish on the TV apart from an interesting programme about M.R. James and it was lovely to sit by the fire, tree lights twinkling and surrounded by various cats who were replete with turkey and ham. This morning I had a lengthy and much needed walk with the pooch to blow the cobwebs away and I couldn't bear to waste what has been a sunny winters day. The walk was much needed given the amount I ate and drank yesterday plus there is a delicious Stollen cake requiring my attention . A slice of that with more tea should set me up. I hope you all got what you asked Santa for and had an enjoyable Christmas day.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

You've stolen one of my cats! Stolen not stollen...

11:38 am  

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