Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have to admit that tonight I am blogging whilst under the influence... of some excellent stout from B & M. Having had nearly two weeks of good behaviour with low fat, low sugar healthy food and very little alcohol I decided to go on the lash tonight, albeit seated at my laptop. A family crisis with No. 1 has been resolved and I felt the need to loosen the self imposed bonds. He is ready to leave but not prepared for leaving and an ill judged tantrum would, as I put it to him be "jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire". Happily, things are settled for now...

I also felt that I'd wasted the last several weeks when I could have been out changing the world although Mrs C put it into perspective with her comment that the past twenty plus years of highly stressful work where my default position was "highly wound coiled spring" required some time and space to adjust the tension.  Hence my need to loosen those bonds and just relax. A discussion with my son about education has reawakened my desire to complete my degree and to consider studying towards a masters degree. Lincoln uni offer an MA in mediaeval studies which, although essentially 'useless' for modern life does sound wonderful to me. My plans are now beginning to take shape: part time work whilst I complete my degree via the Open University and then next autumn I commence on  the MA as mentioned. I have a post grad cert and a half but that's in social care / AMHP & BIA work. My head always points to the latter whilst my heart says "History!"...
To complicate matters further a former work colleague has asked me to consider setting up a company as self employed consultants in AMHP / BIA work, particularly the latter. I have huge moral and ethical problems with that which hastened my move to early retirement. We will meet to discuss it further because from a hard headed perspective such a move equates to "gold in them thar hills" as well fulfilling the use of my knowledge, experience and qualifications. I can also justify my position as serving the interests of the recipient and the wider community... if only I believed that?  We both know exactly what the local trusts charge for their service and we can undercut them plus... we have huge knowledge and experience compared with the majority of our competitors (colleagues) and our costs will be minimal (PC's including necessary software, an accountant, our own vehicles and advertising our services to local authorities whom we already have contacts with).  It is tempting but I have reached the point where I do prefer a quieter life and I truly cannot bear Janus faced managerial types who if they found honesty would try to sell it as a commodity.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I totally understand your work problems; been there, faced that one.

Time will show you the way. Follow your gut instinct would be my advice. It's served you well thus far.

Good luck!

9:17 pm  

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