Saturday, December 01, 2012

I will just blow off the cobwebs from my much neglected blog and dust away the corners...
I received confirmation this morning that I have passed the post grad course I have been busy with and I am now a qualified  Approved Mental Health Professional. This will explain what an AMHP is as will this  blog which explains in much greater depth what the job entails and why my anxiety levels are somewhat raised higher than usual and why I am questioning my sanity for going down this path. Suffice to say I never choose the easier path through life. The lectures and the written part of the course ended back in June and I have been shadowing colleagues, performing assessments as well as doing my own work hence I haven't had much time to attend to the blog or much else in my life. Time will tell if I have chosen the appropriate path although I believe I have done so. However, the burn out rate for AMHP's is high particularly with regard to stress. I look forward to receiving my warrant next Thursday and cracking on with the job. There will then be five of us (including the boss)  in the county wide team as well as those AMHP's who are on the rota. I would say let the games begin but...

What else can I say about life at the moment? I am very glad to see the back of November with car troubles,  family troubles and work issues all combining to make the last month particularly awful. The car needed urgent repairs as well as servicing. All in all it left me very much out of pocket and financially struggling to cope. Commuting to and from work amounts to nearly 400 miles a week before I factor in work mileage. The costs of petrol, wear and tear to what is a small city car and wear and tear to me is all taking a huge toll. Having just had my fourth cold in six weeks and the money spent on repairing the car means I am looking for a job nearer home. I am even considering a lower paid job but if it is near home with substantially reduced costs from commuting I will in all likelihood take it because it may well be better for me. Currently I am taking things month by month work wise until I find a job nearby that matches my requirements. As for the family troubles... I will blog about that at a future date because the dust isn't yet settled and it's too early to comment upon the situation.
Having said all of that I am a happy bunny and I am looking forward to Christmas. Just the two obligatory days off  and we are keeping it very simple. Cheap presents, family meals and a quiet family time is what we have planned. The madness can stay in the shops, the adverts and the media because it is all so unnecessary.
I might just place some light up antlers on the dog and give her a red glow in the dark nose, as well as roping in the cats to the sleigh team... all in the festive spirit!


Blogger Barnacle Bill said...

Well done with the AMHP, I hope your motoring and family problems are as successfully sorted.

7:39 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BB.

11:47 am  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Congratulations, Delcatto! I'm sure you'll be great as an AMHP. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles, I hope all is settled -or will be- soon. That is a lot of driving you do, I'm not sure I could handle it. The idiots on my short drive home in the afternoons drive me nuts. Oh well, cheers (holding eggnog aloft*) to you and getting through the holidays!

*Not kidding - really holding a glass right now.

8:49 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Well done on the AMHP, you'll be great at it. Sorry to read about the other issues - hope they are resolving by now.

9:24 pm  

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