Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tap tap tap

I noticed on my walk today the lack of litter, possibly as a result of the wind. The dock however is now the modern equivalent of an elephant's graveyard. There must be a dozen shopping trolleys which lemming like threw themselves to a watery grave. It can't possibly be the alternative explanation...fuckwits with too much time on their useless hands who threw them in. That's too mundane an explanation and I shall write to our esteemed MP Austin Allegro asking for my appointment as chair of the Committee to Research Alien Phenomena (the disappearance of shopping trolleys, other wheeled vehicles and small dogs).I've watched Torchwood and Dr.Who and I know these things happen because they're shown on the telly...

Last night I had a few libations at the local 'Open Mike' night at the local. The standard of musicianship and presentation was very high, with lots of blues and folky style music played. It's over a year since I last attended one of these as work and/or lack of money have hampered my efforts to attend and there has been a great improvement. Watching last night and tapping my feet to the music made me realize that for musicians to 'make it' in the charts, etc...a hell of a lot of luck plays a big part. The right gig at the right time; a demo tape going to the right person at the right time; the get the picture.Hence the reason why good bands or musicians don't always make it or take years to do so whilst shite bands do. Quality of music doesn't always count as the charts over the last fifty years have so often proved.I'll have to try and ensure I have every second Tuesday off each month.


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