Saturday, November 25, 2006


No1 has discovered the iniquities of capitalism. He had a small pile of old playstation games and I accompanied him to cash converters so that he could sell them and join his mates at the cinema later. I explained that he was wildly optimistic in his expectations and sadly I was proved right.
"£5.50! Is that all...I'm not selling to those thieves".
After he had walked out with a grumble on his lips and darkness in his eyes, he changed his mind halfway home and wanted to return for the money. Bearing in mind that the rain had changed from a slight drizzle to monsoon, I was rapidly losing patience. We returned and the shop assistant welcomed us back. What surprised me was the request for ID, a photo taken of myself, etc...
"I'm selling you some old playstation games, not buying an airline ticket to New York".
"It's standard policy sir to protect against stolen goods".
"I'm a pretty sad burglar if I nick some old games and ignore the jewellery".
"People aren't always what they seem sir".

I'd like to say I proved I was not what I appeared to be by my turning into a werewolf and ripping his head off...sadly, I am exactly what I seemed and collected the money for my glowering teenage son who will undoubtedly turn to Marxism and the politics of the Kalashnikov. Alternatively, he'll hang with his mates and slag off the system whilst he assimilates the techniques of ripping off the poor and downtrodden.
A salutary lesson for him but another piece of his youthful innocence removed.



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