Friday, November 17, 2006

Siamo i campioni!

I had the pint last night and we won at the quiz...smartarses r us!
I think the low fat diet robbed me of my ability to rememberize things, as George W. would put it. So a couple of nice juicy bangers with mash set me up...and the few pints of Fugelstou 'Northway IPA'.

Now I have the weekend to play with...all mine. If the rain holds off (yes, I got soaked this afternoon walking Rover) a couple of walks are called for and planning for Christmas. I used to do the lazy secularist approach by calling it 'Xmas', but since the pc brigade enjoy attacking all forms of western Christianity, I make an effort to spell it out in full. I just need a Christmas card with nativity scenes and Pooh ambling along with Piglet to really get their* backs up.Sadly, for the sake of reality we can't have Piglet at the nativity scene because Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jewish. Piglet's also playing panto at Maidenhead so is unavailable.

As for my favourite character from Pooh...


*The imaginary mixed race one legged lesbian social worker in Camden Council dungarees covered in red stars and ready to deliver the UK to Moscow so beloved of 'Daily Mail'readers. Some of the most pc people I have met are white liberal middle-class university educated who have had a humour bypass operation and try oh so hard to prove their pc credentials by inflicting their nonsense on the rest of us in the real world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do sometimes worry that as an English, white, heterosexual, Christian male I'm about the only remaining target for abuse without some PC brigade having they two penneth.

Hmmm. Two penneth, does that demonstrate xenophobia? Maybe I should have said centeth, or perhaps simply coineth...

8:47 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Diversity training here we come.
Isn't that a Welsh university?

9:45 pm  

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