Monday, October 30, 2006

Bleugh Again pt. 2.

One lengthy walk through town as I could not be arsed to drive to the beach. It kind of defeats the object of exercise for me and the pooch. I admired the new building going up as the dog sniffed at any and everything. She also ate some unidentifiable mess on the pavement which will entail her lengthy stay in the garden this evening. Otherwise we will acquire another interesting stain on the carpet as a result of this.

One tired pooch.

The combination of paracetamol, sudafed and onions in a sock got me through the walk. I have also left off the slimfast (any excuse!) for the last two days; back to it tomorrow. Town was heaving with a surprisingly large number of 'yoofs' on an odd assortment of bicycles talking into mobiles as they cycled precariously along. One shouting into his phone "I'm off to fuckin' sign on...they'll stop me fuckin' money if I don't go". That was the amended version because writing up the thirty plus expletives he shouted in the course of a short conversation would try my patience. Edukashun...wonderful!
I had a good look at the yacht club and salivated over the boats there. Admired the roadworks on the A180 and the large holes they were digging. Muttley stopped to pee in every hole we came to.After we had walked a number of miles my resolve faltered and I headed for home. Home to network with friends on the net but I bought a copy of the local rag for news of the armed police swoop from Saturday.
(I'll post the picture later.Bloody photoblog is playing up again!)
Otherwise I'm in tonight to watch 'Most Haunted Live'. It's sad but true, I enjoy the paranormal and even enjoy this hocus pocus baloney. I maintain as much as I can a sceptical attitude although I have seen what I believe to be a ghost. I'll save that story for tomorrow night. MHL is not how to conduct a paranormal investigation, unless screaming, running around and making as much noise as possible is how one should be performed. But I enjoy it and you never know, they might one day capture genuine evidence on camera. There have been a few good episodes but I just enjoy the fun of it. So I will be glued tonight unlike last night when I fell asleep. It is also in one of my favourite cities - Edinburgh. Tune in and watch it, you may be surprised and enjoy it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yvette Fielding - reason enough.
Like her even more after she exclaimed "Oh fuckin' 'ell" on Big Brother's Big Mouth once.
Sad eh?

*gets coat*
*swaps coat for large white sheet with two eyeholes*

8:06 pm  

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