Thursday, November 02, 2006


Yesterday we ventured forth to the land of the Goths...Visi or Ostro I know not. The weather man promised "a few showers on the coast" so we wrapped up warm. It poured down on the way to Whitby; it poured down whilst we played at tourists and it bucketed down during our return via the North Yorks Moors. The wind also blew with great gusto.
Apart from the weather we had a marvellous time. Loys of walking although we could not go into the abbey itself (essential repairs). We enjoyed the seaviews and looking around the boats and local shops. No.1 son enjoyed it so much he wants us to go there for a holiday next summer. We will certainly go there for another day out next spring when there is more daylight and it is hopefully dry and warm.

We saw a few Goths out shopping and pottering around as well as plenty of sightseers and photographers with 'proper' cameras to shoot the views. We also bumped into an old friend whom we would certainly not have expected to see in Whitby. It is a small world indeed. I would like to say it was an atmospheric place, but on a wet and windy bright day any atmosphere will have been blown away. I guess you would have to be there for a misty autumnal evening, with the shadows lengthening and unseen figures imagined in dark corners. I certainly think a weeks stay there would be needed to do the place justice. Lots of walking and I'd love to visit the moors again.We could also venture out to sea on one of the smaller boats.
I'm afraid it is that time again...paying bills.


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