Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am in that curious state of 'existence'...recovering from illness yet not quite well enough;Limbo. I had a pretty good day what with shopping, attending to the fire place in the front room now revealed with the removal of the delightful period gas fire, watching Wales v Oz draw at rugby ,plus a couple of pints of Brakspear Bitter before having a naughty fry up. All in all a good day and I felt really quite chipper.
This evening...achey, shivery and feeling very cold. I am wrapped up in a hat, scarf and wearing several layers with the central heating going. WTF is going on? Colds are supposed to last a few days and then go. Ten frigging days and still going strong, coughing, spluttering and sneezing plus all of the afore mentioned. I shall undoubtedly be well by Monday when I return to work feeling refreshed!


Never mind...England v The All Blacks tomorrow!


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