Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thoughts of buttered crumpets...

Gratuitous photo of Molly, the 'old lady' amongst our three felines. She is small, brown, scared of her own shadow and loves the outdoors until the cold weather arrives.Then we have the problem of removing her from the in to outdoors. Her favourite trick is to put her paw out to prompt you into:
a) Pet me.
b) Feed me.
c) let me in /out/do this small something for me...
d) Pet me.

She is a little sweetie and is Mrs.C's favourite given that Mog sprays despite having had his nadgers removed and Tigger is a noisy bugger. I just like all cats and I am only stopped from acquiring more by threats of denadgering applied to myself by Mrs.C. We believe Molly may be 8 years old but we really don't know. She also pads in slow motion hence her other name of Slomo.

Healthwise - better today and I am a happier more to bore you with.

We are venturing out over the next couple of days in search of a wood/ multifuel burner. I have trawled the net and educated myself from a variety of sites re. woodburners, quality of woods, yurts, etc...This site I love. The fireplace is fairly big and there are some lovely old Edwardian (?) tiles which Mrs.C will clean up.

Here are some of the ones we have a hankering for although I do like the following narrowboat model...

Mrs.C's verdict..."It's ugly". So that's a no then.
However, it doesn't need to be too big, we would like to see flames and money is a big factor. For the ecologically concerned amongst you, the following link. I can't really be arsed explaining why We want a woodburner except to state humanity's fascination with fire over the last few millenia....and crumpets/ toast/ warmth when the electric and gas prices continue to rise.
"Audrey m'dear, throw another politician on the fire...go at him with the poker dear, they can't have enough of that as they slowly burn. It doesn't matter what party, they are all oleaginous and full of wind".
Needless to say, the animals will be congregating in front of it from the moment it is fired up. For any Lightning fans out there, we are orf to Binbrook.
Rather exposed and windy up there as I recall from many visits...and a noticeable lack of public transport but lovely people live there.


Blogger delcatto said...

Brookenby is the old RAF base and that is the isolated, exposed and windy place. Binbrook looks down on Brookenby whereas I have only ever met with the warmest of welcomes there.

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