Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend R & R.

This weekend is just what the doctor and recuperation as well as fighting supervillains. The mutt has had her legs walked off her and I have laaazed about, in between cleaning up the place, shopping, fixing skateboards, dogwalking, cooking Sunday lunch, etc... It's quite odd wandering around town and observing the madness of Christmas shopping. I haven't done any yet although we have had the turkey sitting in the freezer for the past five weeks. No1 had his main present early (drumkit) but we'll buy several smaller things for him to unwrap and I have a fair idea what others want. I have volunteered to work an early shift on Christmas day and I'm on call for the occasion so an alcohol free few days over the festive period. I am saving it all for the new year party. But it does amaze me as I watch people stock up for the siege festivities. Have they all got extended families spanning four generations and are the shops really closing for two weeks? Only that could explain the madness, panic and fear of the shoppers I saw yesterday.
Five weeks to go....

"Don't panic! Don't panic!"

For me the main point of celebrating Christmas is time spent with the family. Having lapsed as a Catholic far too many years ago, although I do like the Christmas carols, I enjoy it all as a festival of light, warmth and celebration of life with family and friends. I gave up the Christmas rush years ago and just take it in my stride...I also like the various Christmas beers on offer as well as the annual argument about the gender of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, always a favourite quiz question!

Listening to...Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


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