Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Phew! Work took an interesting turn over the past few days and I have reacquainted myself with our friends the childrens team because of concerns we had. When kids are involved the phones , fax, emails, overtime and we work our arses off at double time. Needless to say our work receives little recognition and joe public continues to slag off mental health workers. So I am tired but I have a warm glow about me which will get warmer when I add beer tonight.
I tried some new bottled ales on Monday: Wold Top 'Mars Magic' and 'Wold Gold'.Sadly not bottled conditioned but excellent all the same and I shall be buying more as they're also on offer at Asda. But tonight I have an old faithful in a bottle of Old Peculier which I am allowing it time in the kitchen and savouring the moment of opening. For more information on real ales and a portal to the delights of real ale I can recommend the site Beermad as well as Camra. Go on, check it know you really want to. It'll save you from the joyless existence of crap lager drinking. Don't get me started on smooth beers... a betrayal of all that is truly holy. Peter Kay, hang your head in shame and weep for your intransigence. As for Guinness...try the bottled 'Foreign Extra Stout' brewed in Nigeria at 7.5% ABV and you will never buy the draught stuff again without remembering the taste of a real stout. Mind you, Bateman's 'Salem Porter' is delicious and as a local beer I recommend you try that as well.
This weekend, yes another weekend off, I'll be dusting off the 'brewery' and finally making up 40 pints of 'Tom Caxton's' real ale. A Christmas present from last year and I finally get around to brewing. I should have it ready in time for the festivities although my last effort a last year at a mild went slightly wrong. The beer was finally ready to drink three months later than intended as I pitched the yeast at too low a temperature. I would like to have a go at proper brewing and there are courses at Brewlab. One can also buy small brewing kits that fit in a small garage. I'll keep doing the lottery because you never know...


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