Friday, September 08, 2017

Forgive the dreadful photograph as I used the iPad and I'm not as proficient with it as I am with the mobile or the camera. The latest model completed, a Soviet T26 A tank circa 1941 after some blood, tears but no sweat! I sliced my thumb open hence the blood. As stated in an earlier post I like these little pre-war and early war tanks based on theVickers E tank. Hence my desire to build as many variants as possible so I've plonked it for now beside the Polish TP7. However, moving on from Nerdsville...

I took the plunge after further laptop woes and bought a 'new' computer. New in inserted quotation marks as I opted for a refurbished iMac. Nearly new and less than half the price of a new model. It's very different from using windows and android. Very simple to use and the wireless mouse and tiny keyboard is a revelation. A large screen for my poor eyesight and as I don't game or do anything remarkable using the PC, this more than meets my needs. Will I become an apple fanboy? I doubt it as I regard this as a tool and also for fun. I have an on-line course to do later this year and this will help. I also decided to treat myself after finding out another friend has been taken from our pen this past week. That makes two people dying before their time, one aged 57 and the other 59 years within the last month. In light of this news I decided to start enjoying life as I can't take it with me. My mother also had a cataract operation this week, happily successful and hopefully will give her a new lease of life.

                                           Look at all the space!

I had tried to persuade her to use a PC so that she could Skype, receive and save photos and videos, generally keep in touch but she isn't interested and I can't say I disagree with her decision given the current state of social media. Anyhow, there's a cold beer with my name on it and a good book to immerse myself in.



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