Sunday, June 25, 2017

The new position for the raised bed has done wonders for the cucumber and tomato plants, not so much for the chilli. The latter is flowering but the plant itself remains small and I have no idea why. They have all been fed the same, plenty of water and attention. But thinking back to when I set it up after moving the bed and perhaps there was less composted material in the middle and this may account for the discrepancies in size.

I spent yesterday weeding, clearing out rubbish, placing supports for the tomato plant and ensuring the netting is secure.The rest of the garden is tidied up but little else done. I set up a wild flower patch where the raised bed used to be because it is very shady there. Hit and miss with some hardier plants (weeds?) growing well. With three or four twelve hour days at work I have to wait for days off to tend to the garden.

Maisie certainly loves the garden and she's happy to sit out there and soak up the sun, chitter at the birds and follow me around when I am pottering about. She is settled in now although she still stares longingly at the front door at times, possibly remembering her old life on the streets as a stray cat. Who knows? The new build at the back blocks a lot of light out so I will have to consider and plan how to improve the garden next year. I still want to plant something in the corner to provide some more privacy from the new build and because of the little ankle biters roaming around the alley. We previously had a Hawthorn bush and I now regret removing it. I'm now considering planting a Blackthorn instead... Sloe gin and jam comes to mind! It might be some time before it grows to a height to provide privacy. For now, it's cloudy and cooler today with showers so I am popping in and out during the dry spells.


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