Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's mid afternoon and it has been a busy and active day. I went out cycling first thing after having the bike mothballed for the winter and I am sadly convinced that although it's a lovely bike it is too small for me. After some research last year I discovered it is a 'Damen Fahrrad'.... a ladies bicycle. It is tall enough for me but I still feel scrunched up on it and somewhat awkward  as I cycle along. I may have to sell it and look for something more suitable although for now I will continue to use it.

I also got some walking done, shopping, gardening and I finally collected the Lexus from the garage. I had planned to drop it in for a service and a new battery having read through the history of the car and thinking that five years since the battery was fitted isn't a good sign. However, fate intervened and come Monday morning and ready for work the car wouldn't start.  A quick word with the local garage I use and they agreed to fit a new battery and give the car the once over. I also asked them to check the breaks because they felt odd. I was shocked to discover the rear brakes were missing part of their fittings and the clutch was on its last legs. The latter I am not too surprised about because it's a fifteen year old car but the rear brakes is pure negligence on the part of the seller and dangerous to boot. The mechanic said I was lucky I hadn't gone on any long trips or at any great speed! I shall be having a chat with the seller on Monday and suggesting that the mechanic who passed the car as fit for MOT will be reported to Trading Standards. Some dodgy MOT work and lack of standards going on there.
The car itself now runs like a dream and I am very happy with it. Mrs C. says I can stop fretting now that I have my favourite toy back! More importantly, I now know it is fit for lengthy journeys and a trip to Essex will be on the cards in the next couple of months. That may depend upon work commitments with a number of colleagues off sick we are very short staffed. Hence the past week has been absolutely crazy for the nurses in the team trying to cover the case loads of two absent colleagues. One of them was crossing the road when he was hit by an absent minded elderly driver who had turned the wrong way! He continued working the following week  until we and his wife prevailed upon him to go off sick because he could barely walk. With three members off sick and short staffed already it is all go...
I must away as the sun is shining and, although it isn't very warm, I want to make the most of it.


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