Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring is here and as is typical of English weather we had a couple of wonderfully sunny days followed by snow, sleet and hailstones! I have a few seeds ready to go into trays & prepare for the garden but with the two rampaging flatulent cats who are ever ready for mischief, I shall keep the plants this year to a minimum. Tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers with some herbs plus the inevitable wire netting to keep curious paws at bay. Another reason for sticking with only a few plants is that my back, knees and ankles are causing me problems. Old age and an active misspent youth (Rugby!) plus my weight are the reasons. Falling out of a tree thirty years ago didn't help either. I also realised why I spent years driving the Suzuki... It's easy to step in to and out of it. The Lexus isn't so easy to clamber into and currently consists of me falling into the seat. Once I am in I am fine, nicely settled and comfy, but this may be the grit in the oyster where the car is concerned.

I may be hanging on to the Suzuki for a while longer as it is more appropriate for work although Mrs C. isn't surprised by this. She regards me as a potential hoarder, one who is reluctant to let go of old things. As she pointed out "You struggle to throw away worn out old clothes so a car doesn't surprise me". I have a couple of weeks to consider it and perhaps the Suzuki for work visits to some of the rougher areas of Grimsby (No, not all of it you cheeky monkey!) with the Lexus for the longer journeys and trips out.

Not long until the general election and the choice of voting for clowns or scoundrels, although both are represented in all three of the main parties. I've made my mind up to vote for the least likely to get in and therefore  cause more damage to the country. There is an independent candidate with sensible ideas who is unlikely to win so I may vote for him. Otherwise, I shall be avoiding the media as much as possible until it is all over so I have a stock of books, DVD's and music ready plus access to non-political radio shows. If only I could persuade Mrs C and No.1 son to get rid of the televisions...


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

At least I'll be able to cast one vote for a candidate I like this time - assuming that there is a local election...

Sorry that the car hasn't worked out as you'd hoped.

8:05 pm  

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