Friday, December 12, 2014

I watched Question Time on the beeb last night and frankly it has become a pantomime. I am not sure whether it reminds me of this...

... Or whether this is closer to the mark...

The corpse of British politics surrounded by the politicians, their acolytes and media luvvies little realising that once the corpse is stripped of all its flesh where will their next meal come from. The panto dame with the blue hair in the audience was a nice touch or was she the SWP ghost of Christmas past?  All in all, the whole programme has descended into farce.

I finally feel better having been ill with the leurgy these past four days. I made the mistake of going out on Wednesday to collect No.1's car from the dealer and peaked too early. Cue another sleepless night of coughing so that last night I had a full eleven hours of blissful sleep to catch up. Sadly, Mrs C now appears to have caught the bug. My fingers are crossed that this is the only bug I catch this winter. I have a weekend of final Christmas present shopping to do and sitting in No.1's car as he gains valuable driving experience. I may require a large whisky at the end of each day.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Have 2 whiskys and don't fret about it.
I'm glad you're feeling better. 'Tis the season...

10:05 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I had a couple of large Malts that helped to mellow me out.I have reached the conclusion that whoever gets in has no real power and is clueless as to how to get us out of the current mess.

11:14 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yep, exactly.

What parliament (and the NHS come to that) needs is some current senior managers from successful large but not huge companies (and best from the manufacturing world)(and people nominated by their colleagues as being highly experienced in clearing up messes, sensible, hard working and honest, and know their stuff). That would soon sort the country out.

12:53 pm  

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