Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hooray! Gardening at long last...

After succumbing to some revolting lurgy over the bank holiday weekend which ruined my plans for making the most it, this morning has been spent tackling the winter ravaged garden. Grass cut, weeding done, two cucumbers, a chilli and a raspberry plant all now in and cosseted against the cold and winds. Also small cat protection (wire grills!) put in  to prevent inquisitive moggies digging for victory. Now my feet are up with a mug of fresh brewed coffee and resting my weary bones... especially my back! Fingers crossed that the plastic cloches stay in place because the weather forecast is for strong winds and more rain. I have also bought a small tomato seed kit in a metal bucket which is now  planted up and safely secured against the cats in the kitchen. The trouble is that the curiosity of the two 'small' cats means they throw stuff to the floor. A packet of brioche rolls ended up in the dog yesterday who is not losing weight because of these two little buggers.  I think a hot bath and a long soak may be required with added Radox.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

We're having that cat-scratching-stuff-up problem too. Little buggers.

7:15 pm  

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