Tuesday, December 09, 2014

December is going well so far with stolen bikes, repairs required to No.1 son's car and I am full of 'manflu'. Yesterday at work and I felt distinctly under the weather. By last night I had a throat full of broken razor blades, a hacking cough and consequently I couldn't sleep. Thinking of Mrs C's need for sleep I decamped to the armchair in the front room and wrapped myself in a duvet. Still no sleep which was exacerbated by excitable kittens assuming 2 a.m. means it is time to get up. Mrs C found me wide awake still at 4.30 a.m. All in all, three hours sleep over the past 36 hours plus day and night nurse means I have lost track of time. C'est la vie, 'tis the season to be poorly and a few others at work have had the same leurgy.

So I will be drinking plenty of tea, coffee and fruit juice to get me through it all and the very hot Jalfrezi  with extra chillies this evening has certainly perked me up. We opted for a takeaway because I have no interest in cooking or doing much beyond reading and footling about on the laptop. In other news... Are you all prepared for the forthcoming festivities? Presents bought, food ordered, decorations up and all that jazz? I have to admit that hearing others are prepared and sorted for Christmas with weeks to go astonishes me. I have to buy a present for my mother and send some cards out. We'll buy the necessaries for the day during the week leading up to it and then batten down the hatches for a quiet family celebration. I've got the boxed sets of 'Dad's Army' and 'It ain't half hot Mum' ready to watch if there is the usual rubbish on the TV. This evening however, a medicinal whisky may be called for. Wrap up warm wherever you are because it's cold, wet and blustery out there / cold and snowy out there.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

What rotten timing. Hope you are soon feeling much better.

8:59 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It is finally going, at long last. I was informed today that four of my colleagues have succumbed to the same leurgy. I'll return on Monday & discover I will be 'the team'.

12:14 pm  

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