Saturday, November 29, 2014

Second post of the month and it's nearly December. I decided to have a break as I am busy at work and prefer to stick my head in a good book when I have finished work for the day. It has been a busy month and to cap it all No.1 son now has a car! We looked at one last week and rejected it as it had 'Knackers Yard' writ large upon it. However, we had a look round at t'other cars on offer and we tried one out. Runs well, good price and just right for a young man who is currently taking driving lessons. So I bought it and No.1 is paying me back on a monthly basis. It's similar to the beast pictured below...

He's driven it a couple of times now and is pretty good although I have discovered how much abuse learner drivers receive from other drivers. A real eye opener! He's had it 24 hours and he has already fitted a new stereo... I just need to find him some furry dice.  I do feel happier knowing he is in a car and not on a motorcycle and Mrs C will certainly sleep better at night.

Whilst we were waiting to collect the car yesterday I have to admit to having my head turned by this beauty (not the actual model!)...

A nine year old four door coupe at an excellent price just over £2,000. Not really suitable for work, drinks petrol as it's a 1.3 litre rotary engine and is apparently a fantastic car to drive but expensive to run and doesn't like the wet weather (default weather for the UK).

But... But... For once my heart is fighting with my head  because I have fallen head over heels for this little sports car. Is this my mid-life crisis finally surfacing? First it was drooling over motorcycles and now it's a sports car. Delcatto's sensible head has gone missing, possibly stolen by Worzel Gummidge and been replaced by testosterone filled turnip. "Sigh". Some thinking to be done because it really is not suitable for work and the engine requires more than the ten minute commute and the frequent de riguer short trips in my job. No.1 helpfully pointed out "You could have two cars Dad... the sensible one for work plus this for fun".  I am also aware that there is more to life than working, making sensible decisions, doing the right thing, wearing beige cardigans and drinking Horlicks before an early night.
Decisions, decisions...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I'm convinced that the 'desire a sports car' often happens when ones offspring start driving. I have several friends (of both genders) currently in your position who are experiencing all the same symptoms!

It may 'only' be £2K, but I'll bet you'll be spending another £2K on it within a few months...

I recommend a Mi1dred. Works for us... (No road tax, 40mpg, agreed-value insurance only £60 a year, including business and European use, and breakdown cover, no MOT)

11:41 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Ha! Yes I agree with that BW.

I have my sensible head on and it's no go for me. I would be spending far too much to keep it going & I would possibly use it once a week. So it's back to the sensible motor which took me to York & back yesterday with no problems at all.

6:12 pm  

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