Sunday, December 07, 2014

After yesterdays post I thought that I would write a 'Ketchup' post about the past week. The main news is that No.1 son's motorcycle was stolen in the early hours midweek. Despite being kept under lock and key in the front garden thieves made off with it. It looks like a professional job because there was no noise & they must have used a van to cart it away. What tells me that they are professional thieves is that it was done quietly without disturbing the dog. No.1 is furious and upset especially since he still has a years payments to make on it.  The police logged it but no longer attend such crimes as they are kept busy chasing people who apparently offend the thin skinned poltroons on the internet. The insurance company is doing what all insurance companies do when contacted in these situations. Stall, prevaricate and search for their non-payment get out clause in the very small print. Sadly, No.1 has now made the acquaintance of the parasitical insurance companies and he now realises why I dislike them so much, alongside lawyers, politicians, quangocrats and public sector managers. Although No.1 now has a car he is still a learner driver and can only drive when accompanied by a driver with a full licence. Sadly for him, that means walking or public transport to and from work. I am now all for flog 'em. stocks and a large prison in the Falklands for thieving scumbags with very lengthy jail sentences to ensure they don't bother law abiding folks. There is plenty of space there for a prison, it'll bring work for the locals and escaping will not be easy. A win win situation.

In other news we are preparing for the forthcoming 'festivities' with presents bought and the tree up and decorated. We have again opted for a low key family Christmas with small presents and enjoying the day itself. Having said that, No.1 was so down in the dumps about his loss I have given him the car as his Christmas present. I'll add another few months  to my working to make up the shortfall in my mortgage pay off fund. Down the street there are a few houses lit up and interfering with the landing lights for Humberside airport. We have some lights up but very few baubles as these are the natural prey of inquisitive kittens. It's like the glorious 12th for the feline world. They have also claimed the dogs' bed and she sleeps elsewhere now. Otherwise work remains very busy with no let up in the workload and given the economic and social situation, we can anticipate it getting worse next year. Still far too much paperwork...


Blogger Scoakat said...

Wow, sorry about the bike. Your son must feel like he got punched in the gut by life. Hopefully he can get his full license soon. Damn thieves. Where will he chain up and lock the car?

4:00 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scoakat, he does feel gutted.
The car will have to sit outside on the road next to mine. One disadvantage of living in the centre of town is no off street parking for our cars.

8:54 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

So sorry to read of this. There are no morals, let alone ethics left in the world.

Just have to believe in karma...

8:56 pm  

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