Sunday, December 01, 2013

Wow! One blog entry for the last month and this site had been left to gather dust. Nevermind, I've returned to tidy it up. Here's the first one for the advent calender...

                                                                                                              ... a winter nymph, perhaps?

I spent some time with two of my oldest friends from school which meant a few beers and  the inevitable curry. A travelled over from Switzerland and I have known him since we were both in the cub scouts nearly forty five years ago. G travelled up from the south having spent the last thirty years in Canada, cycling around the world including a dozen years living and working in mainland China. Interesting stories and an eye opener as to the Chinese and what we may expect in the years to come. If you have any children ensure they learn Mandarin. What was noticeable was our ability to just step into conversations and it felt like we were once again eighteen years of age in London of the late seventies. All in all we had an excellent weekend and I am exhausted despite only drinking three beers and being requested to leave the restaurant because they wanted to go home. A lot of talking, laughter and we have made plans for travel next year for Switzerland and further afield. So tonight's plan involves me putting my feet up, crack open a beer and listening to music.

n.b. Beers are courtesy of Great Newsome Brewery as I believe in supporting local businesses.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

If you have any children ensure they learn Mandarin

Yep, I agree; Mr BW has the basics. I can say, "Hello, I'm with him!"

They're off to the Moon to mine and set up solar arrays anytime soon, I believe...

7:06 pm  

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