Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little blogging over the past few days because work has been extremely busy. On Thursday and Friday our ten hour working days magically turned into twelve hours with hurried lunch breaks whilst we completed the paperwork before racing off to the next assessment. I took two telephone referrals during my last assessment yesterday as well as fielding other enquiries. After seven very busy days which became busier as the week progressed I am mighty glad to have these two days off. Sadly I am once again too tired to do little more than walk the dog who is currently a sprawled sodden mess beside my chair. She certainly loves water.
Apart from the tyre trouble and the hoover self immolation incident, the oven suddenly died as well. More expense and at a time when we can least afford it. My planned two weeks off at the end of the month has now been drastically pruned back from walking parts of Hadrian's Wall to a wet afternoon at Bridlington. I shan't be doing any overtime during those two weeks because despite having to alter my plans I intend to enjoy some proper R & R. Bridlington isn't too far off the mark because I will spend a day up in Whitby. It's one of my favourite places and I may have a chance to take some better photographs this time. A visit to the venerable mater and some much needed work around the house will otherwise now occupy the rest of the time. For now, a good book and feet up with a hot cup of Assam is just the ticket.


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