Saturday, September 04, 2010

Home from work and I cracked on with cooking wild Canadian salmon*, new potatoes and marrowfat peas...a meal a condemned man could enjoy. I oven steamed the salmon with Italian virgin olive oil, lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper. Simply delicious. Can I persuade Mrs C. and No.1 to eat such wonderful food...not one iota will they budge from "Ugh! It's fish" and "Junkfood". Mrs C. ate the new spuds with butter and salt but she will only ever eat haddock in batter, preferably from the chippie. Now I do like fish and chips but how can anyone turn their nose up at salmon, trout, seabream, sole, kippers, a lovely steaming bouilliabaise or paella with prawns and mussels. Mind you, since a bout of food poisoning many years ago I am suitably cagey regarding mussels. But tasty food from Neptunes kingdom and food for the brain as well. Suitably replete I am now sipping at a glass of my favourite brandy (Carlos 3rd Solera Reserva) and listening to Dio on spotify.

A busy and enjoyable day at work and the penultimate one with my boss who finishes after tomorrow. He is being moved to pastures new and a new era begins. New staff in the next couple of weeks and further changes planned although I am fairly relaxed about it all. I still think the crisis team has the better end of the deal because we enjoy our work, the anticipation of the next referral and the challenges each one brings. Staff from the other teams think it is frankly terrifying to anticipate the unknown, especially when alone at 2 a.m. and A&E staff or the police want one to resolve a sticky situation. But aside from the occasional surprise much of it is, for us, generally straightforward. Variations upon several themes really. What is difficult is the risk assessments and making the appropriate decisions. Often it is not the loud overly dramatic Osacr performance that requires immediate interventions and careful negotiation. You'll note that I will probably be complaining within the next week but nurses love to whinge whilst resolving those sticky problems.

The only thing missing from that delicious meal was a nice sweet. A light, cold and fruity sorbet to cleanse the palette. Maybe next time...

*Frozen salmon but half price in Sainsbury's Seany...there might be some left and I would heartily recommend buying some.


Blogger Bill Sticker said...

Salmon is 'Junk' food? Where the hell did that one come from? It's got more Omega wossnames in than I don't know what. It's about the leanest, healthiest fish you can eat. Battered Haddock by comparison is artery clogging slow poison.

I'm afraid No 1 and your other half need a bit of 'elf eddication on the benefits of oily fish in the diet. Although I wouldn't bother myself. You'd be fighting a losing battle.

I'd serve Salmon only for yourself in future. When challenged, simply say - "But my Doctor told me to. He says it's good for me."

3:49 am  
Blogger Scoakat said...

I've never been one for much of any type of seafood, either. I'll try bits here and there, but I'd take steak and potatoes over it any day.

4:32 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It's No.1 who refers to any healthy food as 'junk food'. Teenage irony I guess. I've lots of haddock and pollock in the freezer as well.

8:19 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It's No.1 who refers to any healthy food as 'junk food'. Teenage irony I guess. I've lots of haddock and pollock in the freezer as well.

8:19 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...


8:20 pm  
Blogger Bill Sticker said...

Blogcups. Take a glass of cold water and drink quickly. It'll pass.

10:22 pm  
Blogger TheFatBigot said...

The problem I have with fish is the lack of oomph. I'm a weighty food man. Cover fish with batter and you get main meal oomph, by itself you have a snack no matter what veg also populate the plate.

There is, of course, an exception - smoked haddock kedgeree. It's still too light for the Bigot gut, but it has a special place in our family menu so it is allowed.

6:12 am  

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