Friday, September 03, 2010

Another milestone as No.1 son is now seventeen and a half years old and moves up to "Network" within the scouts. After nearly nine years as a cub, scout and explorer he now has to be CRB checked as an adult! What a bureaucratic nonsense: one day a child and the next an adult whose background must be checked to ensure he is safe to work with children. I could understand if he was new to the scouts and an unknown quantity but this situation is ridiculous. No wonder few people want to volunteer for any civic activities. He is pleased to move up which is the important thing and he is excited by his new responsibilities. He is also now signed up to a two year City & Guilds electrical engineering course at college. He's still plugging away for that elusive apprenticeship and he'll be hitting the phone this weekend once again after his numerous emails and letters have been ignored. Hopefully there will be some Christmas seasonal work coming up to tide him over.

After being stung for a ridiculous sum to replace tyres and sort out the tracking on the front wheels, I signed up for extra shifts at work for some extra money. I drove very slowly around to my local Kwikfit early Tuesday morning with a rapidly deflating front nearside tyre with a large split in sidewall. God knows what caused the damage but there was no way I could drive until it had been repaired. I shudder to think what would have happened during my usual commute at sixty mph...someone's looking out for me! A couple of glasses of malt whisky were needed that evening to toast that guardian angel as well as for medicinal purposes.

So an extra shift on Wednesday and another one in a weeks time to make up the shortfall...eventually. With no staff available we are having to fill the gaps until the new staff join us. Oddly enough the season feels autumnal but we have had a couple of lovely sunny days just as I return to work. But my day off was spent enjoying the sunshine, walking the dog and meeting others doing the same. Even the regular local alkies have been out sunning themselves as they quaff their cider and cheap sherry. All this whilst the lunatic puritans up their campaign to increase the price of alcohol beyond the pockets of ordinary people, quoting 'facts' & figures which are at odds with the official stats showing a decrease in people drinking alcohol year on year over the past five years. History in the shape of prohibition in the USA and the growth of organised crime goes straight over their heads. Mind you, how on earth will they police their attacks on drinkers, smokers and tokers as they reduce the number of police officers to save money? Brewing one's own beer and the possibility of illegal stills as well as the growth in home grown dope should satisfy the needs of most people. If global warming is genuine we could even grow tobacco. Life is certainly becoming interesting...maybe it's time for a green house?


Blogger Seany said...

Sure, push up the price of alcohol out of their reach and they probably won't bother to look for any alternative? Yet another indication of the wise and insightful government we find ourselves with.

As for all the CRB bullshit? Prevention is better than cure? Well the preventative measures clearly aren't working - let's all hide behind the existing red tape until someone has the stones to make some realistic people-focussed decisions.

30 years ago this would have been signed off as "Don't blame the people, blame the system. My name is Ben Elton... Goodnight"

OMFG what have I become...


8:55 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Good luck to #1 Son and thank goodness nothing bad came of the tire.

I'd like to raise a glass with you but it has been over a week for me and may be much longer yet.

Here in Wisconsin, talk of raising the beer tax is equal to blasphemy!

9:38 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I'm opting for home brewing again although the internet sites for growing poppies, tobacco and still making all make interesting reading!

8:47 pm  

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