Saturday, September 25, 2010

At last...time off for good behaviour. I had hoped for a lie in but Ping! eyes open and wide awake at 06.20. An early walk for the pooch and a cooked breakfast of fresh Toulouse sausages and freshly baked wholemeal bread. Well, that was after a further walk to the shops for milk having discovered the teenage appetite had devoured all the milk. My morning cuppa is an essential start to each day and today being the start of two glorious weeks off I wanted a good start. The past week mirrored the previous three weeks...has someone stopped putting the prozac in the water supply? The deluge of sad, disillusioned and broken people arriving on our doorstep has not stopped. With the brand new girl (She's excellent) and the transferred experienced lemon we were still overwhelmed. The lemon went off sick on her first week with us which didn't help. For the next two weeks it will not be my problem and I intend to completely ignore any work related matters and concentrate on R & R (and DIY).

Slightly related to work I received my chance to cast my union vote for the next Labour leader a few weeks back. I ticked all five boxes for Diane Abbot which either invalidates my votes or may hopefully ensure her smooth transition into the leader Labour really needs thus ensuring the lying inept fuckers remain out of office for the next decade. However, the winner is Ed Milliband...

On a happier note my stepdaughter LE flew out to the US today for her long planned for trip around California. She and a friend will travel around California for the next three weeks and Mrs C. is house and cat sitting for her. Hopefully we will receive regular updates and photos via the internet. But for this evening I plan to watch a DVD of my choice and have a few beers. I had planned on an evening out to see a Pink Floyd covers band but a combination of no money, tiredness and Mrs.C's report of an intruder in our back garden yesterday means I shall stay in this weekend.


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It was the water company guy checking the drains!

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