Friday, April 06, 2007



One year old today and toddling at a rate of knots with a saggy nappy around it's knees and a great big slice of birthday cake squished in it's grubby fist which was licked surreptitiously by the dog.

I haven't blogged every day because of work or social commitments....or sheer bloody laziness or a non-functioning mind devoid of ideas. Mind you, that hasn't yet stopped me from writing.

Well, the beer has been brewed and is now safely in the bottles as well as a good bit over myself, the cats and the floor. Bloody siphon...there must be an easier way to transfer the beer.
Unfortunately, I used Mrs.C's sugar when I brewed, not realising until too late that it was not straightforward Tate & Lyle, but a new 'Lite sugar' with fewer calories. The beer will be crap 'interesting' when it comes the time for consumption.
More OU studies today....I am beginning to realise how much of a task I have taken on with little time to socialise because of the studies, both OU and the psychotherapy group. However, I keep telling myself of the benefits to come...what were they again?
Last night Mrs.C and I had a few beers and, having lost our quiz team (musical differences) we were reduced to two last night but we fought the good fight and came a credible...harumph...mumble..mumble...The beer was good as always.
I am off to collapse in front of the box as je suis tres fatigue.


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