Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gang green...

Hooray! The shed greenhouse is erect and standing proud and glorious in the garden. I have tethered it to the ground with the string and four tent pegs supplied for that eight more of the buggers just to make doubly sure. There was a slight breeze today and when the door flap was open the greenhouse rather worryingly ballooned out.
"Houston.That bogey at 10,'s an unidentified flying shed....there's greenery trailing from it and a strange orange dog-like creature attached to it. Over".
The cats have claimed it as a dry spot to shelter fight already inside whilst the dog raced around outside and howled at them. But my dreams of growing tomatoes has become a reality...some seeds scattered in a little red container courtesy of Tenkos (other world dominating supermarkets available) for £1.99. But I have plans: wellies, straw for the mouth and I can do a farmers voice now ..."Arrr, looks loike rain". Do all farmers have Norfolk accents?
Since the ban I can no longer keep sheep so the cats and cotton wool will have to suffice. Mrs.C rumbled my plan and is fully aware of the wind-up radio, comfy chair and flask of tea on hand for the greenhouse. I just need sunshine.
Some new neighbours are gradually moving in several doors away. About twenty kids have been carrying various bits and pieces past our house for much of the evening. Watching a crowd of 4 - 15 year old girls struggle past with a beats 'man wiv a van' I suppose. However, does this presage fun and games with a crowd of noisy kids on the doorstep? Time will tell. The last woman who had a crowd of kids and lived nearby happened to pop out one Sunday morning to put rubbish out as I walked past with the pooch. 'Popped out ' being the operative phrase because she was naked from the waist down. We both said good morning and she never batted an eyelid, nor anything else for that matter. It brought a smile to my face.... She was also a prolific shoplifter hence her subsequent ban from various local supermarkets. But if you wanted a chicken going cheap....


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