Friday, March 30, 2007

Timber..."No, Rupert actually".

Achy breaky, achy breaky back, thighs, shoulders, ankles, hips...all over after battle was done. The tree stump lies in the corner of the garden, a poor broken wreck and testiment to humanity's destruction of mother should burn well so wipe that tear away and get the marshmallows.

We won the first part of the quiz with six points! Match the sexual quotes to the famous person. I'm sure Joan of Arc didn't say "Light my fire big boy". As for Mary Whitehouse and the strap-on quote....
Sadly, I had rather too much to drink and consequently everything I did today was to the cacophony in my head...Lords-a-leaping and drummers druming...with Satchmo on trumpet. So I am off for a well earned hot shower and soothing unguents.


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