Thursday, March 15, 2007

Up at the crack of dawn on my day off despite a couple of Old Peculiers last night and watching Spurs do their magic on the box. It was so bright outside I leapt crawled out of bed only to discover it was 06.30. My lie-in consisted of a total of 35 minutes. One advantage was a lengthy early walk with the mutt and OU studies attended to earlier in the day. Time left to enjoy the day in less active pursuits.
One disadvantage of my studies is the need for gallons of tea. Not in itself a bad thing but the fig rolls and other assorted biscuits aren't good for me. But carrots, apples, etc...just do not go with tea. I'll have to redevelop my willpower again, no, not windpower although baked beans could help there.

Wasps in the park...



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