Friday, March 09, 2007

It arrived in the post this afternoon (First post!) and, although I requested it, I now feel that bit older. My NHS pension scheme benefit prediction for when/if I retire at the age of 60 years. Bloody hell, the next thirteen and a half years will, if anything like the last thirteen years, fly by.
It crept up on me: Radio 2 and El Tel, a liking for jazz, grey hairs on my chest let alone in my beard, tutting at the yoof of today, coppers looking very young... I must officially be an old bugger especially since I've worked as a nurse for over 21 years now. Not bad for a job I just wandered into because every other job was boring and nursing was a creditable alternative to the Foreign Legion. Turned out I actually enjoyed it and I still do, the proper nursey bits and not the paperwork. However, I can see the nuLabour/ToryLite writing on the wall for the NHS as we know it and, despite the need for real change, overpaid google-eyed theorists and management consultants is not the way to change it. If I want a plumber or a carpenter I employ them to do the job in hand. If I need their advice I ask them, not a management consultant with no experience of plumbing or carpentry. The NHS is staffed with experts who just might have some ideas of their own if they were but asked.
So I asked for pension predictions and I can now tentatively plan ahead, although the committee upstairs might have other ideas as to whether I make it that far. I still spent a fruitful hour drooling over homes for sale in Brittany and Normandy....I can dream...

Friday's nice bloke...
...Derek Griffiths.



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