Friday, July 20, 2007

It's the must be because it is raining HEAVILY.
Incentive enough for me to complete this assignment without the distraction of sunshine, cold beers, girls in skimpy clo "ahem" picnics...I have set aside the two days off to do the bulk of the work and then a couple of days after work to tidy it up a bit...not to send it off as it is like my last one because I have had enough of the bloody thing. I can then dive into the latest Harry Potter and enjoy to my heart's content. Yes, sadly I will be there at midnight to collect my copy as well as daughter's copy. I guess that's me damned in the eyes of many of the bible thumpers (koran thumpers?) but tough shit. As much as I am interested in the history of the bible, I am a very lapsed catholic who has decided to live my life without that imaginary friend. I have a healthy scepticism for most religions and prefer the precepts of the pagans 'Do what you will so long as it harms none'.

Anyhow, I shall be paddling my way out of....

...during this coming weekend. See you on the other side...


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