Wednesday, July 11, 2007

6 a.m. alarm on my day off. But Mrs C. is poorly so I perform the necessary and release the slavering hound to do her business over the lovely manicured lawn grassy patch that masquerades as the garden. I am also assailed by three starving felines all of whom charge through the opened door and make a beeline for the one bowl. There might be three bowls set out with similar amounts of food contained therein, but god forbid they let any of the others get 'that bowl'.
As an aside, I have watched Tigger poke her head out of the back door, look at the rain and then make her way to the front door to check if it's dry there.
Kettle on and today I listen to the radio news as I do most mornings and prepare the tea....
Radio 4: Death,youths, politics, death,Iraq, death,Iraq, politics,share prices, amusing story about bus shelter and elderly woman,sport, weather.
Radio 2: Iraq, youths, death, politics, Hollywood/TV soaps/footballer/wags, amusing story about nun, pensioner and bus shelter, sport, sport, weather, Dire Straits.
Talksport: Bloody obvious really.
Lincs.FM: Switch channels because it's shite.
Kerrang: (Thanks No.1) AAARRGGHHH! Cats run away and I drop the milk. What the fuck is that and the volume...My eardrums are bleeding and flight/fight mode adopted.
Back to barking Bunty Bagshaw and her quiet middle-class madwoman with cats programme.
But today, after the excitement of the past five days I have decided to have a
'Can't be arsed' day. Do everything at half speed; loll leisurely over the newspaper; thumb my nose at the OU work despite the imminent due date for the assignment....I even had a piece of Kitkat for breakfast...
I'll pay the price tomorrow because that OU work really is imminent....but peeled grapes await me...


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