Sunday, July 01, 2007

No1 finally made it to Explorers, scouts for over 14's, this evening. He's now a happy bunny because he has visions of camps, outdoor activities and more camps. I now have to pull my finger out and get his bike in working order so he can cycle there and back each Sunday evening. He could use the buses but given the propensity of the local chav/neet population i.e. "He dissed me by not looking at me/ he dissed me by looking at me/ he dissed me by having a future that doesn't include dole in it", I believe he'd be safer dealing with the traffic. But he'll have mates, meaningful activities and fun which he has missed since finishing scouts.
Today has been the usual Sunday with me cooking lunch, studying and avoiding that concert for a dead princess. The music is fine, well some of it, but what a load of bollocks...However, I suspect I may be in the minority here but I didn't much care for her when she was alive and, sadly, there are many traffic victims of which she was one. I feel sadness for her boys who lost their mum but the rest of the tawdry industry that has built up around her...utter tosh. Give your money to a local charity that needs it.
I have rediscovered the Steve Hackett website and I am listening to some excellent music, accompanied by a glass of an equally fine beer 'Champion Double Ale'.
Back to the front line tomorrow and other people's problems. Only four weeks until I have a much needed week off so I can shake off some of the accumulated cynicism acquired in todays modern ever changing NHS. At least Patsy Hewtwat has gone so that has cheered me up.


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