Saturday, May 04, 2019

Another bank holiday weekend and boy, it is hoying it down with a fair old wind whipping all before it plus the occasional sting of hailstones to add some variety to the mix. It's also very cold and as one auld fella said to Mrs C this morning "Winter's made a comeback". I've been staring longingly out of the window at the garden and my plans for planting out are again on hold. Still, good weather for modelling and cats notwithstanding I managed to get some done this morning before venturing out for a brisk walk. Helped by the lack of wifi and TV service earlier on so I got some reading in too.

Still a work in progress because I had to use some mix and match skills, use some paper and modelling clay to amend the figures. So more paint, clear coats and decals to be added as I enjoy a slow build and work around the cats as the table top is Maisie's bed!

I bought a much needed new airbrush and it is a revelation. I wish I had done this earlier but the skills I learned from using the cheap Chinese airbrush meant I was able to use this straightaway and no problems in first use. I am ready for the larger aircraft and vehicle builds I have waiting in the wings. As the photo below shows I bought a few other kits as well as crowd funding a new author whose book arrived the same day. Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness which I am dipping into and enjoying as I very much believe in using whatever is available to prevent illness / aid recovery. We used bird watching as a therapy for someone several years ago when we discovered the person used to be into bird watching. Music, art, walking, dancing, pets...everything helps and introducing young children to these activities very early on enriches their lives and builds future resilience.

I also ordered one other kit which I am awaiting after I had promised Mrs C to buy no more for a few months but she saw this and encouraged me because of the colour scheme and it was cheap.

Yes, they actually painted the aircraft in a blue rising sun style scheme! From the Spanish Civil War and as soon as I saw it I thought that cannot be genuine but it was. It all provides a good distraction from the current omnishambles (now a legit scrabble word) in the UK political sphere. I voted independent but our ward has a Labour councillor with a much reduced majority but the council is now run by the Tories for the first time ever. Mrs May turned up yesterday to bask in a rare win so whoever locally has that voodoo doll of her please cut the elastic band so she doesn't keep coming back. The army had a recruiting fair in the town centre today following her visit and I just hope the two aren't connected!
I must away as that book is calling me and I hope there is more baseball on TV tonight. I stayed up to watch the Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees last night but I fell asleep and only caught the first hour. I am still trying to work out the rules of the game! I find it fascinating all the same.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Baseball? Do you get a lot of baseball on tv over there? I'm a Milwaukee Brewers fan, but even I can't watch a whole game without napping!

10:47 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

A Con Council? Bad luck, and good luck, IYSWIM.

If only there was more recognition of the value of creativity in supporting recovery.

12:03 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Yes, baseball on light night TV. I've watched several MLB games now but I do nod off as late at night and I'll only watch if I am off work the next day. Astros v Angels other night. Good game.

Yes BW, a Con council for the first time for N E Lincolnshire. They won on local issues too as the Labour council ignored concerns of the electorate. I'm just waiting for the cuts to social care!

7:01 pm  

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