Thursday, February 28, 2019

A break from blogging as the past three weeks at work has been very busy. A couple of needless incidents involving complainants from other agencies has seen me having to deal with them although happily I have the backing of my immediate and senior managers. One response I have taken is that I joined a union to ensure someone has my back particularly for legal matters. I can't go into details but perhaps one day I can...

But I now have eleven days off away from it all and boy, do I need the rest. I hadn't realised how tired I was until yesterday evening when a couple of beers, headphones on and suitable music playing when I sparked out, waking up when the volume suddenly shot up. Aches and pains, tiredness and awareness of the tensions I have been carrying for the past three weeks. The ongoing sinus issues haven't helped and I started on high dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D a week ago to hopefully boost my immune system. Ask three doctors (psychiatrists) for advice on this and I received three different opinions!

As you can see, the plane is my current work in progress as I slowly weather and finish off the vehicles. But I am having a lazy day today, listening to podcasts, dealing with bills and pottering around. I'll leave the modelling until tomorrow and just allow myself to chill and do very little. The landcover will be a farmers vehicle and I have ordered some model dogs to display with it, to add more interest to the vignette. I am keen to attempt painting animals as painting is the one skill that makes or breaks a build. Plus I do want to build earlier periods in history as my passion encompasses more than 20th century wars. Roman, early mediaeval ('Dark Ages'),  the Crusades, etc...all hold my interest and I would like to produce builds reflecting that interest. They also tend to be more colourful and occupy less space compared to vehicle and aircraft builds!

The past week or so of extremely warm weather for February (21 C!!) has now ended and it is cooler and foggier today. I am hoping to get out and about, dust off the old camera and explore some of the places I generally fly past on my community visits. But time for another cuppa and just sit back with my feet up.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

So sorry to hear about the work-related rubbish, whatever it is. Jobs like yours are hard enough without this sort of unwanted 'extra'.

It seems to me that the first reaction of anyone these days is to make an official complaint rather than actually think about how *they* could have contributed to the problem and how *they* might be able to take a different approach to move things on.

Enjoy your time off.

11:59 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks BW.
The individual complained because I refused to breach confidentiality with them. A stranger whom I don't know and clearly does not understand data protection, confidentiality and other myriad laws!

12:34 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Good grief - why was this even treated as a complaint?!!

2:26 pm  

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