Friday, March 29, 2019

Phew! The weekend is here and I can relax...

Today with the sun beaming down (18C at one point) and wearing shades, shirt sleeves and having to use the car air con at one point, it finally feels like Spring!  *Checks weather forecast* Single figures predicted for Sunday...It's still Spring though.

Time for a takeaway, some beer and music (Genesis) this evening as I make the most of the illusory freedom for the next sixty odd hours before it all begins again. We have this happening next week and as per usual The Peter Principals are spinning in all directions and we are having to duck down whilst shouting "Incoming!". I have blogged previously about how 'progress' is measured in the NHS by doing things. Whether that be by making noise, creating paperwork or measuring things, it is activity which equals progress. The fact that pissing up against a wall is a measurable activity doesn't necessarily mean we have to spend money and throw resources at it. But I am free for now and I intend to enjoy these few hours of being responsible for myself and the cats with no phones to answer or various demands needing to be met yesterday. Plumbing repairs need my attention and the garden will be calling me. I hope you all have a sunny and relaxed weekend.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

And good luck with that...

Shame they don't look at what the system does to the MH and wellbeing of the staff though.

11:48 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
Sadly I don't think they really care.

5:53 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

And therein lies the problem with all big employers/organisations/companies governments etc etc.

The capitalist world is killing itself. Hopefully.

1:26 pm  

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