Saturday, April 06, 2019

I finally got into the garden today, mowed the jungle and plenty of weeding done but still lots to remove. Boy, those buggers can grow and proliferate like nobody's business. I bought two tomato plants from the market and they are in protective custody from inquisitive felines. A quick shower, some piriton on top of my regular anti-histamine and as per usual, the sedative side-effect saw me asleep for the next hour or so. Sadly, no modelling done today but a welcome day of rest. However, despite missing out on bench work today and my intentions to avoid buying any more kits I received the latest acquisition today. A plane I have wanted for a long time and as this was going cheap I couldn't resist.

Another reason for not modelling today is that I have an annoying pain in the base of my right thumb and into my forearm. I suspect it is as a result of too much computer use and driving at work so I will keep this post short and rest it for today. I don't believe it is carpal tunnel syndrome but a rest and stopping those activities for a couple of days will help.

This kit is an original one from the 1970's and the decals show their age. Anyhow, back to watching old episodes of Time Team, some beer and doing nothing with my hand.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Nothing like a bit of gardening to quiet the soul.

Re your hand problem - does your work PC use Windows 10? If so, I understand that there are a lot of accessibility options, including voice recognition.

When I had similar problems, voice recognition software was my salvation (I used Dragon Naturally Speaking because it was the only option then, but I understand that the Win10 accessibility suite works well).

If not, you could ask for 'reasonable adjustments' and to be provided with VRS (and training in how to use it) to use at work.

VRS really speeds up how quickly you can get paperwork done, and the pain caused by its creation once you get used to it.

7:10 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I think we use windows 7 or 8 at work. I'm not too sure but the Dragon system was used by a colleague with MS a few years ago and it worked well for her. The pain had gone by Sunday but I intend to bring it up and see what can be done as I do believe it is the mouse and keyboard causing me problems.

The gardening, it was lovely to get out there and just tidy things up. The raised bed is weeded and I am looking at digging in more compost ready for the tomato plants. I am looking at tubs or large container bags for a chilli and a cucumber as I do enjoy home grown cucumber. The taste is wonderful.

7:39 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Win7 is deprecated and so no longer updated/supported, so open to easy attack from any hacker. I'm not sure about Win8, but it is scary that the NHS is opening patient data to potential abuse in this way. If any other organisation was using such old OS software, they would be slammed.

Ergonomic mouse/keyboard might be a good starting point.

Is there a way you can officially request an (eg) OT assessment if you have computer-use related health issues?

7:49 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I can request an assessment and the trust does provide equipment if required. I may well do that.

7:35 pm  

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