Sunday, March 03, 2019

As it is wet, windy and cooler than of late I have spent a productive morning at the modelling bench.

I started on this, an old Airfix 1/72 Blenheim IV and as I have discovered, age and wherever it was stored has caused the fuselage to slightly warp. So a job that will take some extra work to make right, just as I like it. I have also started the following, a departure from my usual kits...

I chose the little Cocker Spaniel to go with the Landrover...

A base coat of acrylic flat earth (It's a Geoid!) and I am considering using dry brushed oils to enhance the effect after a further application of other acrylic colours. The dogs are made from resin and come from Poland but bought from a company over here. I plan a small vignette of a farmers yard with the dog and possibly a couple of old milk churns. Something different from military modelling but a happier and gentler choice.

I popped into town yesterday and the new British Heart Foundation charity shop where I saw and immediately bought a second hand shelf unit. More display shelves for the models and at half the price of the first one I bought as well as being sturdier in build, I could not pass up the opportunity. We cleared out a space for it in the front room and I have set aside stuff I intend to pass on to the local cat charity so they can sell them off for funds. Sadly, it includes my Dobson telescope but the new build houses behind our garden have security lights you can use to guide shipping and aircraft by. The light pollution has put a stop to any star gazing. I had stored it away for the last few years but I will donate it to a good cause and create some space (!) here at home. I have also decided that what's left of my vinyl collection and the cheap turntable can go as well. I have decided to be quite ruthless in clearing out stuff I no longer use. Wandering around town and it is obvious that high street shops are in trouble, with lots of empty units on the market and in the mall as well as closed up empty shops. The big fanfare by local media about the large Primark, Pound store and the BHF charity shop taking up units in the mall cannot disguise the fact that the town centre is dead in places or dying. My family report the same in Colchester and with drunks, aggressive beggars and feral youths roaming the town centre, no wonder people are staying away and buying on-line. I believe the mall is now only 60% occupied which cannot be sustainable. I would prefer to see the mall demolished, the town centre pedestrianised and accessible to public transport, taxis and bicycles and deals offered to smaller retailers, a bigger market and better policing of the area to encourage people back. A public space for music, theatre, food stalls and arts would also help. Let's see what the future brings...



Blogger Scoakat said...

I do need to sell off my albums. Haven't played them or even really looked at them in over a decade. Some are worth lots, most are not. One of these days, maybe a good vacation side project.

Enjoy your time off and don't blow away!

12:34 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scott. I have put stuff aside now for the charity shop. Some albums may be valuable but I am happy to consider this as 'Paying it back'. The winds have died down a bit.

2:51 pm  

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